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Wooden cabins.

Name Dimensions, m Number of rooms Price, rubles
Type C-1 2,3(В) х 5,8(L) x 2,45(H) 2 29 500
Type C-2 2,3(В) х 5,8(L) x 2,45(H) 2 31 500


  1. Frame-cabins with insulating material.
  2. Framework is made from cut timber, inside it is covered with clapboard.
  3. Inside trimmings: type C-1 - sheets of pressed sawdust (hardboard), type C-2 - clapboard.
  4. Material insulating from exhalation and URSA insulating material are laid between inside and outside trimmings.
  5. Floor: double, with insulating material.
  6. Ceiling: double, with insulating material.
  7. Roofing: painted metal.
  8. Basis: timber 150x100 mm.
  9. Window, door, tambour: 1 piece.

Extra services:

1. Partition with door 1500r.
2. Additional window 1000r.

  There are different variants of room planning according to you orders.
  Delivery to the customer's address is free, if it is situated not less then 50 km from Moscow ring road, more than 50 km - 35 rubles for 1 km.
  We give one year guarantee on all works.

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