Our fields of work
Name Dimensions, m Price, rubles
Тип S-6 5700х2500х3000 198 000

  1. Framework is welded from channel and profile pipe.
  2. Roof: steel sheet, primer, painting.
  3. Outside trimmings:
    variant 1- metal sheet with polymeric coating of grey or blue color (or made to your order), metal brace with polymeric coating of white color.
    variant 2 - siding of white or grey color, plastic braces of the same color as siding.
  4. Inside trimmings: walls and ceiling - polyvinylchloride panels, polyvinylchloride clapboard, MDF (middle density fibre board) panels, insulation from exhalation, insulating material FPE (foam polythene) (URSA) according to the volume; floor - draft floor, 25 mm board, insulation from exhalation, URSA insulating material, 40 mm board, veneer, linoleum.
  5. Windows - plastic windows: 1050x1500 - 8 pieces (window sash, polyvinylchloride window-sill made to your order).
  6. Door: metal door (painted grey) or plastic door, with a lock.
  7. Electric wiring: lamp - 4 pieces, socket - 4 pieces, cut-out - 1 piece, single-phase automatic cut-out 15 A - 2 pieces.

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