Our fields of work
Dimensions, mm Rooms Price, rubles
5,0(В) х 6,0(L) x 2,45(H) 2 135 000

  1. Wooden windows 1x1,2 - 3 pieces.
  2. Wooden window blocks with double glazing.
  3. Front door: wooden, with insulating material, covered with zink-coated metal sheet, mortise lock is installed.
  4. Tambour with a door.
  5. Metal construction can be used for mounting of block-containers in two tiers
  6. Modular framework,welded from channel and brace.
  7. Outside trimmings - zink-coated profile flooring.
  8. Walls: wooden frame grating, insulating material - mineral wadding URSA 50 mm thick, polythene, inside walls are covered with polyvinylchloride clapboard ( color on a choice ).
  9. Floor: draft floor is made from 20 mm cut board, URSA insulating material 50 mm thick, polythene, finishing floor is made from match-board 28-35 mm thick, plywood, covered with linoleum.
  10.Roof: flat roof welded from steel sheet 2 mm thick, painted gray, URSA insulating material 50 mm thick, polythene, inside roof is covered with polyvinylchloride clapboard ( white color ).

  At the request of the customer it is carried out various variants of furnish.
1.Additional window 2000r.
2.Additional lattice window 2500r.
3.Additional entrance door3500r.
4.Tambour with door5000r.
5.Painting by enamel PF-115 (color at a choice) 10000r.
6.Electric wiring (automatic cut-out, lamp - 4 pieces, socket - 6 pieces)5000r.

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