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Mobile cabins.

Name Dimensions, m Number of rooms Price, rubles
Type BC 5,5м 2500(В) х 5500(L) x 3600(H) 3 145 000
Type BC 8,2м 2500(В) х 8000(L) x 3600(H) 3 162 000

  Durability of the building is 10 years. A sink, a table and a siccative cupboard are included in the price. Extra services: 4 two-tier beds - 8500 r.

  1. Cabin is an inventory uniform building which is used for short term needs (for temporary stationing the workers) of building and other organizations, it is produced in accordance with TR (technical requirements) -34.09.11454-89 supplement made on 27.06.94.
  Certificate of conformance №RU MCC.140.518.3.ПР.3.6247.
  There are three variants of placing the building: on the chassis, on the sledge and on its own basis.
  2. Construction of the building:
    - wooden framework outside covered with sheet metal 0,8 mm thick.
    - it is refined inside with wooden and fibre slabs 3,4 - 6 mm thick, laminated sheets of pressed sawdust (hardboard) or with wall panels "Petroprofile".
  The lumber of softwood is used for making wooden framework, floor, inner parts of the walls, doors, some details of the windows, furniture, lath, floor trimmings.
  Reinforcement of the framework is provided by metal braces made from the brace 50x50x4, flat bar 10x60, 5x30, fixing is provided by fixing bolts M12x100, M12x120 and nails 4x100, 5x100.
  All space between the elements of the framework is filled with insulating material not sustaining combustion
  3. The floor is made multilayer - draft floor is made from 25 mm cut antiseptic board, covered with dissoluble protective coating, insulation from water, insulating material 70 mm thick made from foam and polystyrol (self-damping), grating is made from uncut board 25 mm thick and wooden and scobs slab (WSS) for building 20 mm thick, wooden and scobs slab is covered with linoleum.
  4. Joiner's ware - window-frame, protective decorating coating Bishedecor is applied on the window-frame, it is coated with drying oil or enameled.
  5. Double glazing.
  6. The heating of the room is provided by means of electrical heaters Klen-2.
  7. Lamps work from electric main give light.
  8. Water is supplied from hanging sectional tank, due to the opening windows and air gratings the room can be aired at any time.
  9. The building is fixed to the chassis or sledge by means of steel rung ladders, circle B20. Front shaft has a mechanism of wheel turning resembling car mechanism, the chassis have a system of pneumatic brakes with gear from the system of brakes of the towing car, back and front shaft with hanging springs and four wheels.

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