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  "RemStroyTrest Krasnogvardeysky" offers manufacturing modular buildings.
  Modular buildings are universal modular designs consisting of modules of the certain sizes which allow to collect constructions necessary width are long also.
  Modular buildings with success are used under administrative, office, warehouse, trading, sanitary - household rooms.
  The opportunity of a fast lay-out, assembly and the low price is the main advantage of modular buildings.
  At present we can offer you the following variants of the modular buildings:
Photo Name Dimensions, mm Rooms Price, rubles

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Type M-1 5,0(В) х 6,0(L) x 2,45(H) 2 135 000
5,0(В) х 6,0(L) x 2,45(H) 2 197 000

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Type M-2 5,0(В) х 6,0(L) x 2,5(H) 3 275 000

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Type M-3 5,0(В) х 3,5(L) x 2,5(H) 3 360 000

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